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Marketing Your Cleaning Business

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I have several courses that help you create an amazing cleaning biz that makes you great money while being a delight to manage. I have courses on staffing, mystery shopping, marketing your cleaning business, and more.


"Hey Katie! I see you’re adding more and more great info to The Ultimate Staffing Program and I just saw the 5 day training schedule! You rock!!! LIFE SAVER! :) THANK YOU!"

Jolene V.
Wichita, Kansas

"Katie Pearse, your classes are amazing! We were empowered with all the new tools you gave us. Such an inspiring weekend!"

Jessica R.

"Such a great way to spend the weekend, thanks for having us! I can't wait to use all of the new programs to really enhance our brand!"

Shaylene F.
Edmonton, Alberta

"I am in Canada and I have a residential cleaning business. Katie Pearse has been amazing at helping with tips and guidance."

Maria N.
London, Ontario

"If you want to learn about marketing, I highly recommend taking Katie's class! The info she provided was so valuable! Great for every entrepreneur! I can't wait for the advanced class!"

Lydia Y.

"I am busier than I ever was and it is all because of Katie's class. Not just the technical support from her but also because I felt empowered and confident after her class too!!!!"

Donna B.
Edmonton, Alberta

Ultimate Staffing Program

Fast-track your cleaning business to success by getting the inside scoop on how I ran my business, solved problems, and created a maid service I absolutely LOVED, which became a million-dollar maid service!


Mystery Shopper Program

Double your customer satisfaction, fill holes in your schedule, engage your customers & motivate your employees. I show you exactly how to implement this program immediately and absolutely dominate your market.


Marketing Essentials

I teach you exactly how to brand your cleaning business as a luxury service that fills your schedule with high paying clients, using no-cost marketing & promotional strategies.



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