The Ultimate Staffing Program

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Topics Covered in the Ultimate Staffing Program

Fast-track your cleaning business to success by getting the inside secrets on how I ran my business, solved problems, and created a maid service I absolutely LOVED. This course teaches you exactly how I hired, trained and kept my staff.

Structuring Your House Cleaning Business

Will you offer single cleaners or teams of two? What uniforms should your staff wear? How often are you going to meet with your staff? How will you send their schedule out? What do you pay them and do you need to pay for mileage, travel time, breaks? What about customer tips and bonuses? 

Finding Your Dream Employees

What type of person is the best type of house cleaner? What qualities are essential and which typically prized qualities are NOT important at all? Where should you advertise and what should your job ad say (and NOT say?) How can you attract the absolute best cleaning staff in the city?

Job Interviews & Job Offers

How and where do you conduct interviews? Which exact questions do you ask to find out who is going to be a terrific employee? Which questions are a waste of time? How do you offer someone a job? Which types of questions should you ask their references?

Dazzle Them At Employee Orientation

When do you orient a new employee? (It's not when you think). How should you structure this process for maximum efficiency and help them retain the information? How can you dazzle them right from the start so they fall in love with their new job and love cleaning? 

Training Your House Cleaning Staff

How do you teach them to clean? Who teaches them to clean? How long should it take? When cleaning in teams, who does what? How do you teach them to do estimates? How do you train them to be professional representatives of your company and to handle problems and find solutions?

Performance Management & Reviews

Who evaluates your cleaning staff, how often, and how? How do I document their performance? What if they get complaints? If they clean in teams of two, how do you know which employee is responsible for a complaint?

Employee Development & Motivation

How do you keep staff happy and fulfilled? How do you help them improve and become better at cleaning? How do you help them develop their skills and grow? How do you build a loyal, shining team so your cleaning business is a huge success?

Communicating With Your Employees

How do you talk to your employees without being condescending? How do you get their respect while still being friendly and fun? How do you handle their texts and emails? What do you do when you have to contact them after hours? How do you respond to their personal problems? How do you deliver bad news and talk about awkward issues?

"I worked for Katie for 3 years before moving to Halifax and starting my own eco-friendly cleaning business. I learned so much from her first-hand but need help now that I am running my own business and have my own staff to manage. It's such a good idea she did this, she is a Godsend!"

Gen Boileau
Cleaning Naturally

"Hey Katie Pearse! I see you're adding more and more great info to The Ultimate Staffing Program and I just saw the 5 day training schedule! You rock!!! LIFE SAVER! :) THANK YOU!"

Jolene Vossen
Moms Against Cleaning

"You're an awesome teacher, Katie! The class was crazy informative and useful! I really appreciate you teaching all these tips/skills to accelerate our businesses."

Lydia Yapp
Yapp Makeup and Beauty Artistry

Katie Pearse

Katie Pearse has 12 years of experience as a professional PR strategist, marketing + communications specialist — and built her own multi-million dollar, award-winning cleaning business doing all her own marketing, web design and branding. 

Her insights, tips, lessons and opinions have been featured in glossy magazines, national newspapers, business podcasts and TV appearances. She is also a business school instructor, teaching branding, web design, social media marketing, blogging and email marketing classes.

When not skiing in the snowy Canadian Rocky Mountains with her family or enjoying the sunshine and beach at their vacation home in San Diego, you can find her indulging in a good book with her Yorkie, Chester on her lap, or out with friends for wine and whatever she can eat that's remotely close to being vegan (no more charcuterie or Hershey's Kisses!)

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